Friday, June 20, 2014

What You Need to Know about Medical Marijuana

When we are talking about marijuana, there are lots of misconception about the plants and its illegal substances. However, there is no solid evidence of anyone dying of marijuana overdose. 

Although this plant may be illegal in some parts, it is still helping people with cancer, hypertension, glaucoma, HIV and more. Marijuana contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective. And you can easily use this herb with herb vaporizer pen which is safe to use.

Thousands of studies try to prove that young people who use cannabis is linked to psychological, social problem and mental problem. The truth is however, according to study published in The Lancet, there is no firm evidence that marijuana vapor use is linked with such problems.

In the study of Dr. John Macleod of the University of Birmingham in the UK, “there is a great deal of evidence that linked with the use of marijuana, but this association could have numerous explanations” he said. As a matter of fact, scientists from King’s College, London, established that occasional use of marijuana can actually improve the level of concentration.

Marijuana’s active ingredient is known as cannabinoids, hinder tumor growth therefore kills cancer cells. Researchers have also suggested that the THC and other agents that activate the receptors might as well be used for treating lung cancer patient. Find best vaporizer under 100 here!

Since marijuana is a muscle relaxant and contain anti-spasmodic property, therefore it can help treat seizures. There are actually numerous cases of people with different age group that suffers from seizure and they proved that they become better through the use of marijuana. In addition to this, marijuana also help treats Tourette’s syndrome patient, a neurological condition.

It is no surprise that several states in the U.S have legalized the use of marijuana due to its thousands of benefits to our health. This issue will continue to spread and debated by the government and evolve as time goes by.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Guides In Buying E-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are inhalator that converts liquid solution into mist. Although the liquid contains nicotine, there are no harmful tars or chemicals that will affect your health and thus, making it the healthiest alternative for smokers out there.

Electronic cigarettes are still new to the market. However, there are plenty of types and design you can choose from online websites such as eBay. There are many benefits in switching to electronic cigarettes. Many users will see that the product is the right thing for them.

Types of Cigarettes
There are several types of electronic cigarettes you can choose from. First, the disposable models are intended for those who are concern about their health. The e-cigarettes are used until the cartridge is empty and then it is disposed. In addition to this, you can also customize the style or design of the e-cigarettes according to what suits your personality.

Second, the rechargeable model comes with the automatic or manual battery. The automatic battery enables the smoker to inhale without pressing the button and the e-liquid heats up as soon as the smoker inhales. Contrariwise, the manual battery requires the smoker to press the button in order for the e-liquid to heat up.

Third option is the refillable cartridge or the one which takes pre-filled cartomisers. This type of model requires you to buy bottles of e-liquid. There are also plenty of flavors and nicotine strength that will suit you. Here are some of the most popular e-cigarettes flavors:
· Cherry
·  Vanilla
·  Cinnamon
·  Coffee
·   Mint
·   Apple
·   Traditional tobacco

Nowadays, electronic cigarettes have become popular and are also the best alternative for smokers. Not only it can be used anywhere, it is also convenient and when it comes to health, e-cigarettes is the best choice because it does not contain tar, tobacco or any unsafe chemical that will harm your health.

Many people who are trying to gradually quit smoking opt for electronic cigarettes because it slowly lessens down the nicotine intake over time. There are many different types and brands to choose from, try searching a more specific term, this will help you narrow down your choices.